About Us

The Start
3GWOODWORKS was formed in 2007, my freshman year of high school, as a way to spend my time productively and, at the same time, acquire various skills in a field which interested me. In the beginning, we predominately offered various lathe-turned items crafted out of exotic woods from around the world. We started getting into local craft shows to sell our wares, something which led us to other opportunities that would help us grow and expand our business.

Becoming a musical instrument company
In 2010, after spending the previous summer teaching myself how to build an acoustic guitar, I transitioned into the musical side of the business. To this day I still have no idea what instilled in me the desire to build instruments, perhaps a love for listening to music. The techniques I had learned that summer, coupled with those I had been working on for the previous few years through woodworking in general, really helped me in making good quality instruments. Lots of input and critiquement was given from different local musicians who I met at various events in which they were playing and that was instrumental in turning my instruments into something that not only looked good but played well.

Where we are today
My dad, Gary, remains on the turning side of the business, making a few different items we still sell at local craft shows as well as the dropspindles we sell on our Etsy shop. Together, we strive to develop a reputation for integrity, value and craftsmanship.

-Garrett Gardner